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Fräulein Schlecker's"Stollen" at the market

I went to the Orange Grove Market in Lilyfied (more pictures on Flickr) where under the moniker of "Fräulein Schlecker" I shared a stand with Boris from Cologne who has been acquiring local fame with his tasty German sausages at his stall called "Hans Wurst". I sold Stollen which is a German Christmas speciality. When it is getting cold and wintery in good ol Europe, Germans like to stay at home and start baking for Advent and Christmas with candles lit. On the Advent weekends you gather family and friends and simply have a snuggly Sunday afternoon. Even though Stollen is a traditional Christmas treat it was very well received at the market. It is so yummy that you can basically enjoy it all year round ... especially at teatime. Additionally, I baked and decorated baby cupcakes in order to promote my customized wedding -, corporate cakes, cupcakes and figurines. I got a very good response and all baby cupcakes (especially the ones with pink hearts) sold quickly. Next time I will definitely make more of those!

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