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Shootings in Sydney

These are a couple of shots from productions (which unfortunately I cannot name ... yet) I worked on during my first months in Sydney. Some of the lovely and dedicated people I met and partly worked with so far include photographers Emma Reilly, Steve Brown and Petrina Tinslay and food stylist Kristen Anderson, president of FISA . Having made contacts at all the wonderful food magazines in Sydney such as Delicious and Vogue E&T will hopefully lead to many more exciting jobs in the future.
Drawing up a recipe list and checking the production schedule.

Staying on top of things on the set.

The Prop Stop, where I got a few things for this production, is a very nice dedicated "prop hire" location for us food stylists here. My favourite apron also made it to Sydney: it is from my production for the "BRIGITTE Cookie" cookbooks . It reminds me often of the wonderful and busy time in Hamburg, Germany with my collegues from BRIGITTE.

Food photographers at work:

On the next photo, I am checking if all of the 100 customized cupcakes I produced for a corporate event have arrived safely and unharmed. I think I must have counted them 10 times to make sure the number is right!

One recent job, that was a bit out of my ordinary line of work, was styling food for a quiet quirky airline website. I did the foodstyling for the "Upper Class" board menu for Virgin Atlantic which you can see online here (hint on where to find it: click onto "freedom to dine" and then move your mouse from left to right).

How to do figurines for cakes

I've always had a soft spot for cake decoration and I became even more interessted in the art after working with Peggy Porschen in London and Hamburg. Being in Sydney gave me the opportunity to attend a course on making figurines for cakes out of sugar paste. The course was taught by Planet Cake - one of the best shops for it here. Have a look at their beautiful creations.

Princesses always fall for pirates (preferably if they are called Johnny Depp) ... but what are a bear and dog supposed to do about it?