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I am a proud "daring baker"!

When I was browsing other blogs I stumbled upon one with a very interesting logo on it. I investigated further and found out that there is a club for people like me who just love baking and like to share the joy and sometimes the frustrations that comes along with it. The "daring baker" club has now more than 100 members worldwide and each month we get a different challenge to bake. The September challenge was sticky buns out of a yeast dough with cinnamon, walnut and a golden syrup and brown sugar glaze. The yeast came out so marvelously, it was a real beauty! I made 12 of them, but very soon there were only these two left. Lucky me, otherwise I couldn't have taken a picture of them. Needless to say that those two are already eaten by now! Thank you daring bakers for this truly marvelous recipe. I love it!