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Eveleigh Farmers Market

 I have been to many farmers markets in Sydney but my absolute favourite is the Eveleigh Market that happens every Saturday between 8am to 1pm at Carriage Works. Not only is the site truly special it also is very spacious and you'll get everything here. Flowers, mushrooms (no Pfifferlinge though), nice bread from Sonoma Bakery, veggies, meat, cheese, bagels and even music!

If you feel you need a break or done with your grocery shopping go and get a nice cup of coffee from the Carriage Works Cafe and just relax and soak up the atmosphere. If you didn't manage to have breakfast before heading to the markets there is a lot to sample but I recommend the Chinese pancake and/or dumplings from celebrity chef Kylie Kwong. As usual you have to nicely queue up for her food but at least it's not as bad as it is in front of her restaurant in Surry Hills.

In Sydney gibt es viele Farmers Markets aber keiner ist so schoen wie der Eveleigh Market in der Naehe von Newtown und auf den Carriage Works Gelaende. Jeden Samstag Morgen findet er statt von 8:00-13:00, ob es regnet oder schneit. Zugegeben Schnee kommt selten vor in Sydney und meistens scheint die Sonne, sogar im Winter. Nach dem Einkauf entspannt Zeitung lesen und einen Kaffee trinken, kein Problem, der Kaffee im Carriage Works Cafe ist besonders zu empfehlen und als Snack die Pancakes von Celebrity Koechin Kylie Kwong. Sehr lecker!

Breakfast New York-Style.

Busker classic.

Flowers galore.

Everything fresh!

You can even get your knives sharpened.

Yummy Chinese pancakes.

Kylie Kwong busy serving.

The mushroom man.
So much choice!

Good quality potatoes only at the markets.

Since Sonoma Bakery there's hope for decent bread in Sydney.

So good!

Carriage Works in Eveleigh/Newtown.