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Daring bakers November challenge

Another challenge from the daring bakers: potato bread and some variations such as foccacia or rolls. Since it is summer and barbecue season in Sydney I couldn't resist in making foccacia as this goes so well with anything you put on the barbie. First of all, the dough had risen so high it was lifting up the tea towel I had placed on it. It was such a nice dough, I love yeast dough though this one was a bit hard to handle since it was very soft. But the result was such a bliss. I also made some muffin type rolls, I think they look really pretty.
The only thing, next time I will use kipfler potatoes, they will add more of the lovely potato flavour to the bread.


For my most recent shooting we changed the studio for a much better location: Bondi beach!
And it soon drew attention with the locals. One local stoped by and was looking for her camera.

Bondi beach at its best.
Me having a bowl at the shoot
Another food styling job for a DVD production in a cool converted warehouse in Marrikville