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Daring bakers November challenge

Another challenge from the daring bakers: potato bread and some variations such as foccacia or rolls. Since it is summer and barbecue season in Sydney I couldn't resist in making foccacia as this goes so well with anything you put on the barbie. First of all, the dough had risen so high it was lifting up the tea towel I had placed on it. It was such a nice dough, I love yeast dough though this one was a bit hard to handle since it was very soft. But the result was such a bliss. I also made some muffin type rolls, I think they look really pretty.
The only thing, next time I will use kipfler potatoes, they will add more of the lovely potato flavour to the bread.


Lisa said...

Beautiful bread!

Julius said...

Jealous that it's summer in Sydney!

Your breads look great.

Julius from Occasional Baker

breadchick said...

Great job on the challenge!

Kim said...

I love your little muffin loaves - and a great idea. I agree re the type of potato and next time I'm going to play with the amount of the potato water as well, just to try and reign in the 'wetness' of the dough.

Great to find your blog too!

I tried my hand at some food styling and even edited a start-up food magazine that now graces newsagent stands and supermarket mag stands everywhere. I've ended up back in corporate writing land but am contemplating trying to get back into the food arena once more.

Deborah said...

It looks wonderful! I loved the foccacia!

tytty said...

hi, came across your blog through daring bakers and was happy to see your post on stollen.

i had one ages ago from canada which was light & delicious. the only stollen i've found so far is from david jones food hall. it's not too bad, but it's definitely more dense.

i was wondering if you would share your stollen recipe. or if not, are you planning to sell it at any markets soon?

thanks!! (: