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Calico and Ivy in Balmain

On my last stroll through Balmain I came across a cute little fabric store called Calico and Ivy. I always buy way too much fabric and this store was no exception.  On my first visit I bought very beautiful french linen there that I now use a lot for my photos. The other time I bought fat quarters to make leaves on wires to wrap around presents.  It's a charming little shop and every time I am in Balmain I make sure I stop by even if it means I'll buy even more fabric I probably don't need (but then you'll never know:-). In case you end up with too much fabric and never get around to make  anything they also offer classes and Cath from Prints Charming also taught embroidery there.

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Cass @foodmyfriend said...

I actually attempted to clean out my fabric collection over the Christmas break. I think I threw out one piece. Fail! This shop looks so sweet, I particuarly love the ribbon on the old vintage shelves. So sweet!