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Beautiful old Millthorpe

Millthorpe is only a few kilometers away from Orange and such a peaceful place. We got there early in the morning and had a little walk around, it was very quiet. At the end of the main road are two antiques shops and especially the Old Wares shop was right up my alley. I could have spent much more time in there, looking for props and would have liked to have a big truck. I think I have to go back soon.
After prop hunting we went to the Old Mill Cafe for breakfast and I had a beautiful frittata which came in its own little skillet, very cute and tasty.

Sleepy Millthorpe

Old Wares shop in Millthorpe

The Old Mill Cafe in Millthorpe


Cass @foodmyfriend said...

I love little country towns like this. Everything is so peaceful and they have the best antique stores!

Kristin said...

The Old Wares shop was great, I bought so much stuff and I am even thinking to go back with a bigger car so I can fit even more stuff in.

Cass @foodmyfriend said...

LOL! How big is the stuff you want to buy??

Kristin said...

Oh, they had beautiful old cabinets, loved them. Not that I really need any, although...:-)