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Matakana Farmers' Market

The Farmers' market in Matakana (NZ) is one of the cutest little markets I have seen so far. It's in the countryside up north not far from Auckland. It runs every Saturday from 8am to 1pm the and is a focal point for locals and city slickers, and growers to meet. You'll find produce from the area – fruit and vegetables, delicious home baking and Italian-style sausages, organic chocolate, fine wines and boutique olive oils, locally-brewed beer and the all-important morning coffee and live music as an accompaniment. Also a plus is the beautiful village feel, it kind of feels the time stands still.  Even if the market is bustling there is always a little nook to just sit down and relax while enjoying a snack and the live music. Only at this market did I see crepes being serves on leaves instead of paper plates - that is proper organic thinking!

The market displays a great mix of fresh produce and home-made goods. The live music adds extra charm to the atmosphere.

Shop, smell, taste and enjoy. The market is a great day out for your senses.

Oh, aren't these roses wonderful?

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