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Cherubini Cafe in Darlinghurst

On Sunday we ventured out into our old and long forgotten neighbourhood - Darlinghurst. A friend organises a breakfast +1 outing every first Sunday in Sydney and I was so free (badly translated from German, sorry, but couldn't help myself) to bring my husband. The cafe in question where we met was cherubini in Darlinghurst and they serve really darn good coffee there. On top of that it's roasted in house and also rainforest alliance certified, all boxed ticked!

I didn't have any food but everything that was brought out to the table looked really yummy.
They also run their own networking event called Coffee Talk Sydney every second Sunday and, 
unlike other cafes in Sydney they are open till 6pm on weekdays so, if you feel like a late coffee fix you know where you should be heading.

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