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Cassie's Charity Bake Sale

My dear colleague Cassandra baked all week and through the night for her charity bake sale on Valentine's Day - truly amazing! Everything looked so beautiful and she made over $700 which she gave to a local animal rescue centre. Good on ya, Cassie!

There were cakes, cupcakes, gluten free cupcakes, caramel popcorn, chocolate bark, peanut brittle, shortbread hearts, cake pops and pink meringue kisses.

I bought the chocolate bark and peanut brittle and both were delicious. For the recipes check out Cassandra's blog Food is my friend


The Food Sage said...

An inspirational girl. Love the look of those flowered chocolate lollipops.

Kristin said...

Thanks Food Sage, will pass it on to Cass. She realy is the Cake Pop Queen among us. My daughter loves her because she gets to taste them too.

Cass @foodmyfriend said...

Oh Kristin!! It looks incredible :) The shelter was so grateful. I need to get a few photography tips from you I think!

Kristin said...

Hi Cassie, glad you like it. It was actually easy as I had very beautiful objects to photograph :-)

Alistar Johnson said...

all look amazig and a great amount of money that you raised for a great cause!