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Skiing trip to Thredbo

This was our first skiing trip in Australia and I really liked it. We had a fantastic time despite the weather being quite stormy towards the end. A few colleagues said that skiing in Thredbo was not worthwhile, too expensive and not good enough snow. Expensive it is unfortunately, but that is the same in Europe. The snow was good, no complains here. I think it's cool to only have to drive 5 hours from the coast inland to be able to ski, but that is because my hometown is Hamburg which is far away from any mountain.

A bit of rain, a bit of hale and rainbows all along.

Love the clouds in Australia!

Thredboland for the kids and the rest for us.


Cass @foodmyfriend said...

You guys are so cute! I'm glad you didn't hurt yourself :P

Kristin said...

I am very glad too. A friend just twisted his knee while skiing and it makes me cringe to think about it ouch!