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Laterne, Laterne...

Laternelaufen is a German tradition for the time around St. Martin's Day. On 11 November children ,usually in kindergarten age or younger, walk along the streets holding colourful, often self-made lanterns (Laternenumzug, ‘Lantern Pageant’).

Legend has it that St. Martin, a soldier, gave a beggar the half of his soldier's coat to protect the man from freezing to death. Afterwards St. Martin became a bishop in order to help poor people.
Laternelaufen is a memorial to St. Martin and usually takes place on 11 November, in some regions of Germany (that are rather Protestant) it may take place already on 10 November, because it is mixed up with the celebration of Martin Luther's birthday (Martinisingen). In some regions there is no fixed day. In Catholic regions Laternelaufen is also called Sankt Martinsumzug (‘Saint Martin's Pageant’) focusing on the aspect of sharing.
During Laternelaufen children often sing Martinslieder (‘Martin songs’) that glorify St. Martin's act of sharing or songs about their lanterns.

Because of the different seasons here in Australia we decided to still do in winter and not so much care about the St. Martins day. It's so much fun for the kids and drafting and crafting your own lantern is great fun too. We had so many great designs I just to share them.  

Since it's held during winter, everyone gets a warming cup of Gluehwein (for the grown-ups)  after the walk and the kids will get a  snack and kid's Punsch without alcohol. 

Such great creations!

Cut open a plastic bottle and glue translucent paper on it. Lantern done.

Some soccer fans among the dads.

Going back to the community hall for some kid's punsch.


Cass @foodmyfriend said...

Oh!! So cute!!! I wanted to make lanterns a while ago but have no idea how to make them. You must teach me :) I want some beautiful ones for my balcony

Kristin said...

Great idea to hang them up on your balcony, that way you get more use out off them. I'll show you how to make them next time I see you.