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Sydney Fishmarket and Seafood School

Sometimes when I am homesick I need to go to interesting food places to remind me that I actually live in a great city! One of those places is the Sydney fishmarket and also the fantastic Sydney Seafood School where I used to work. To be honest, the fishmarket itself really needs to be redone as it doesn't look too inviting at first - the only thing you notice is the big carpark and the birds. Remarkable however is the variety and freshness of the fish and seafood you'll get here. The cooking demonstrator of the Seafood School told us that the Sydney fishmarket is the second largest in terms of variety of seafood offered after Tokio in Japan, which is in the northern hemisphere (just a pun on the Australian obsession to always claim something in Australia is the best, biggest etc. in the southern hemisphere;-).
Who not only wants to come here to buy fish but also wants to see how it's being auctioned can book a behind the scenes tour at the fishmarket and I highly recommend it. You have to get up quite early but the insight you get is very worth it and the people working at the fishmarket are so lovely and knowledgeable.

Outside the Sydney fishmarket.

The fish for the day arrives.

Filleting station.

Scaling the fish.

Scaling the fish.

New delivery.

Oyster bar at the fishmarket.

Dutch auction at the fishmarket.

It's getting busy.

Fish for the restaurants and fishmongers.

Fish in check.

Having fun.

Fish tail.

So much fish.


Yes, I have a big chunk of that!

Tuna on ice.

Selected and tagged tuna.

Checking the order.

Wheeling off.

Even when I still lived in Germany I would always book in for a cooking class at the Sydney Seafood School whenever I was in Sydney. I still don't understand why Hamburg hasn't got its own Seafood School being known for its harbour and high appreciation of fish which also generated the not so flattering nickname "fish head" for the citizen of Hamburg. Nickname aside, fish is great to cook with but if you feel a bit overwhelmed by it enroll yourself in a class at the Sydney Seafood School. You will not also learn how to prepare wonderful dishes you'll also hear about sustainable fishing and farmed fish and you get the chance to come close to very well known Australian chefs such as Matt Moran, Mark Jensen and Christine Manfield (all also cookbook authors).

Cooking demonstration- Quick and Delicious class.

Bridget making red curry with salmon.

Have you heard of John Dory?

Always read the instructions first!

Cooking room.

Dining room.

Three dishes in 30 minutes - we are hungry.

Bridget Treloar, demonstrator at Sydney Seafood School and a former colleague, and myself.

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