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Ragamuffin in Leichhardt

There is a fairly new cafe in Leichhardt where you can not only get a damn good coffee from a lever and piston espresso machine but also gluten free muffins, they have a different flavour each week.
Ragamuffin on Norton Street, check it out.
Couldn't help but hear Gentlemen music in my ears...

Jesse knows how to make good coffee.

Danii, owner and chef.

Haylea and Jesse, always a smile for their customers.


Abby said...

Gorgeous photography! Stopping by from LinkedIn

Kristin said...

Thank you, Abby, for stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment.

Eleanor Jean Creasey said...

How nice it would be to walk into a cafe and order great coffee and a gluten-free muffin! Great blog, looking forward to reading more.

Eleanor Jean Creasey said...

Not sure if my first comment went through. It would be wonderful to walk into a cafe and order great coffee and a gluten-free muffin!:P

The Food Sage said...

I live in Leichhardt and avoid Norton St like the plague, so never would have known this place existed.
Thanks for putting it on my local map!

Kristin said...

They only opened 5 month ago. The owners/chefs used to do markets which was very successful and then decided to do something more permanent. I am sure they'd be happy for very support.
Didn't know you are an Inner Westie too :-)