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Reuben Hills cafe in Surry Hills

Admittedly it took me so long to write this blog post that the cafe I am talking about Reuben Hills is not really the new cafe on the block any more (at least not by Surry Hills standards).
Nevertheless it's sill worth mentioning. It's so effortless trendy and cool as you would expect a haunt like this in Surry Hills.

Its menu has a Central American take, offering Baleada – a Honduran tortilla, empanadas and ceviche while also venturing North for its namesake, Reuben sandwich. If you like sweet and salty, order a ‘Dogg’s breakfast’ an ice-cream sandwich with salted caramel. The shakes sound very interesting too: salted caramel, black sesame, and espresso with wattle seed.

It's quite a narrow space showing off a sleek and clean design. Natural light comes in from the front entrance as well as the rolled-up roller door at the rear (Melbourne style). A semi-circular cutaway in the ceiling reveals the upper level which houses the roastery and cupping workshops for coffee nerds.

My friend actually thought it was a waste of beautiful space that should belong to the customers too.

Surry Hills neighbourhood.

Reuben Hills Cafe.

This is it!


Cass @foodmyfriend said...

Phil mentioned that this place has good coffee. Looks very trendy :P

The Food Sage said...

I keep hearing about this place. I must put in on the never-ending list of places to try.