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Beautiful Cookies

This is for Mo-vember! By Sugar Belle.
Since I came across pinterest I am addicted, and I mean it. I am not watching TV any more I am scrolling through the pins of all the creative people worldwide, what a great idea to come up with.

There are post for food, gifts, DIY, craft, photography... the list is endless, and that's why I spend so much time here, there is always something new to discover or to re-discover.
One of my favourite bloggers and cookie creative is sugar belle from the US. Her cookies are beautiful, amazing and whimsy, I absolutely adore her style. Here is a short compilation of my favourites, although it's hard to really narrow them down as they're all wonderful. Look for yourself, they all come with a tutorial:

By Sugar Belle.

Ombre cookies by Sugar Belle.

Bunting cookie by Sugar Belle.

Subway cookies by Sugar Belle.

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