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Happy Australia Day with Macca's

Australia Day is nearing (Saturday, 26 Jan) and I am gearing up for a big picnic, as you do on this highest national day. Speaking of said day, last year I was working on a commercial for McDonald's and I think they really nailed it with this ad choc full of Australian-isms.
Australians are very nice people but sometimes hard to understand. I am not just talking about the Aussie twang. They just love to shorten everything as much as possible. Sometimes they even use completely different words no one else uses.
So, if you happen to be from somewhere else (like me) you might not understand a single word they saying in this ad. But don't despair, I have compiled a list of a few words and sayings that will prove to be helpful. I am sure there are heaps more and if you happen to be Australian, let me know what is missing.
And of course McDonald's has a nickname in Australia - locals like to call it Macca's.

Key Australian Slang – Make it short! 
The first thing you can do to get into the lingo is to abbreviate as many words as you possibly can. Here are some examples:
Arvo - Afternoon
Barbie - BBQ and not a Barbie Doll!
Bikkie - Biscuit
Brizzie - Brisbane
Breckie - Breakfast
Chrissie - Christmas
Cozzie - Swimming Costume
Exy - Expensive
Kindie - Kindergarten
Maccas - Macdonalds
Mozzie - Mosquito
Oldies - Parents
Pokies - Poker machines
Trackies - Tracksuit pants
Yewy - Do a U-turn
Reno - Renovation
Sunnies - Sun glasses
Rellies - Relatives
Ute - Utility van
Skandi - Skandinavian

Australian Sayings 
Chuck a sickie - To pretend to be ill so as not to go work (you'll get away with one or two a year)
Fair dinkum - That's absolutely correct
No worries - No problem, will do
G'day mate - Hello
Good on ya! - Good for you
She'll be right - Everything will be OK
Strewth! - Wow! Gosh!


candyman712 said...

Hi, Kristin! I didn't know the franchise name of McDonald's in Australia until you have posted this. But surprise: The kids around my hometown in SW-Germany created the nickname "Mäckes" ("Maeckes" for cherry-keyboards) for McDonald's and I think, it sounds quite similar to "Macca's"! Isn't this world just a small village?

Kristin said...

That's funny indeed!I had no idea that there's a nickname for McDonalds in Germany too.

The Food Sage said...

Great ad. I'm Aussie by birth, but spent all my childhood and early adult life in the UK. A particular Aussie-ism of my is 'mornos' - the morning food break at work! Makes me smile and want to hug an Aussie every time i hear it!

Kristin said...

"Mornos": That's a great abbreviation, I have to add it to my list. Thanks heaps.